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Unique, Special, Beautiful

Welcome to Art by W Designs! As you can see from my above gallery, my art strives to be Unique, Special, and Beautiful. In today's modern world of art, there are so many directions that an artist can express themself. For my journey, I have discovered the unique expression of sculpting bowls from magazines, the special personalization of string art, and the beauty of abstract paintings that flow from my imagination.

Take your time, look through my art and if something speaks to you as much as it did when I made it, perhaps it could find a new home with you!

About Me

I have always loved artwork! I owe a lot of my passion for arts and crafts to my mother. She is amazingly creative! She would make coloring pages of my favorite cartoon characters for me, show me pictures of paintings and sculptures of various artists - including her favorite, Michelangelo, and would even sew my clothes! Consequently, I learned to draw, sew, and paint at a young age! In fact, I made pillows and sold them under the name "Whitney's pillows", the business I started when I was nine.