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Abstract Paintings

I took art classes in high school and college! While I love all kinds of paintings, when It came to decorating my own home, I didn't necessarily want a painting of a person or nature scene on my walls. It just didn't go with the contemporary look I was going for. I had an idea for a multi canvas abstract painting. I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but for one of our date nights, my husband and I bought some canvases and paint, went out into the garage and started painting. That painting hangs in our dining area now! I have a few of my paintings hanging in my home! I wouldn't want to promote anything that I wouldn't be proud to hang in my own house.

Colorful, Bold, Intriquing

Every painting is absolutely unique! From the colors to the shapes to the number of canvases they span, there isn't a single painting that resembles anything else that I have already made. Each painting is masterfully crafted for the space and lighting it is designed for. You won't find anything quite this special anywhere else!