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String Art Parties

String art is so much fun to make. Matter of fact, it's so much fun and so easy to do, I want to share it with EVERYONE! Join me and a group of your friends for an evening of Art ... String Art. Your home, Your friends, My help! I'll teach you all you need to know about sring art for you to make a beautiful piece that you can hang in your home with pride and personal satisfaction! Just drop me a message and we'll make it happen! The host is free and guests are $20 each.

Personal, Exciting, Hands-On!

Every party is completely different, they range from one and a half hours to three (depending on design selected). Here's how it works. You: Invite your friends, prepare some refreshments & snacks, and have everyone bring their own hammer (I carry a few "emergency" hammers). W Designs: will provide backgrounds, nails, and string. We'll get the details planned a day or two before I arrive. Trust me, you'll love it!