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Magazine Bowls

I had a lot of magazines. My friends and family would give me magazines, I would tear out pages with recipes, crafts, products, etc. that I was interested in, then throw the rest of the magazine away. Finally, I decided that I needed to be more resourceful. I tried weaving them into baskets, but I wasn't pleased with the results. While seeking advice from Pinterest I came across a picture of a bowl made from coiling the magazines! I clicked on the link and the directions were in Mandarin! After lots of trial and error—more error than I like to admit—I figured out how to make them! I started making the 5 inch round bowls, then I learned to make them in different shapes and sizes. They are a lot of fun to make. I spend a lot of time just folding paper. I fold paper in airports, in the car, in waiting rooms and even while sitting on my sofa watching movies. It definitely makes a great conversation starter! I usually work on at least 5 at a time. The largest bowl that I've made so far is 16 inches in diameter. It was supposed to be 10 inches, but I went a little overboard. I wove 2 thin ribbons into the paper so it can be displayed as a bowl or a wall hanging!

Novel, Hand-crafted, Unique

I start by tearing out pages of magazines and folding them into strips. I then shape the first strip into a circle, oval, square or triangle. After forming the shape, I tightly wind the remaining strips around the core until it is the size I want, making sure to secure it with glue. I carefully form the bowl then coat it with glue to secure it. They are surprisingly durable to be made of only magazine paper and glue!