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Decorative String Art

I've wanted to try string art since I was a little kid. My grandpa had a pair of string art butterflies hanging in his house. After he passed away I kept one of them. Now I make my own string art butterflies, hearts, flowers, monograms, and much more. Some of my inspiration for the string art pieces comes from customers who have asked me for custom orders. One of my customers asked, "Can you make a treble clef?" Well I had never made one before, but I said "Sure!" Now those are one of my more popular items. I stretch fabric around the wooden boards. Then carefully hammer each nail into the board, trying to avoid my fingers though not always successfully. Then I carefully weave the string around the nails, sometimes randomly and sometimes in a specific order. When the shape is all filled in, I tie off the string!

Intricate, Eye catching, Personal

From choosing unique backgrounds to creating intricate, even multilayered designs. You are sure to find something you love from simple shapes like hearts and stars to words on top of string art backgrounds!